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Monday, November 07, 2005

Comment Spam!

Sorry, Robin, I've added word verification to the comments. So while this site will still be good for reading about stuff I'm writing, it will no longer give you your penis enlarger fix.

As for my current stats--11,932 words, just shy of 24%, a pace of 1704 1/2 words a day--in other words, right in the ballpark. Odds are I won't advance the ball much over the next few days, but I'm in a good position. Plus, shades of deus ex machina, Miia's no longer dying thanks to Malcolm and his whisky, rosemary, and ambrosia potion, so I'm feeling less bad about how I've abused poor Miia and Lorelei so far.

Biggest problem now? I'm starting to be plagued by self-doubt. That still, small voice that tells me that the stuff just isn't good. I'm trying to ignore it--and I think it's just possible I will.

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rew said...

If you keep putting up little exceprts here and there, I'm sure we'll be able to provide you with the ego inflation you'll need to get through...